Thursday, November 21, 2019

Analytical Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Analytical Paper - Essay Example Thus, the world portrayed in this novel resembles that of the nineteenth century laboring America. The paper involves an analysis of how the family, violence, and youth culture issues are manifest in the novel and their existence in the early nineteenth century America. Just like any setting, the author reveals that he has a well-established family and the existence of his family becomes a turning point to him when he finally realized the costs of his youthful acts (William 5). Running from home, after his father whipped him for disobeying his order, he finds himself in a situation of having to serve as a common slave in the ship commonly referred to as his majesty. When he finally finds a way of escaping the shame of constant whips, inadequate food, and clothing, he remembers his family in Hull city and decides to go home. He finds himself in a shock to learn that his family had already gone to America, but just as expected, he finds assistance from his uncle who finally agrees to stay with him as he makes plans of joining his family in America. This makes it clear how important a family is, but the same novel reveals a situation of reliance of the man as the supreme law holder of the family. This is in line with the American nineteenth century la boring society in which every member of the family held importance, and during the securing of slaves by the â€Å"slave masters’’, it was pretty obvious how painful it was to lose a member of the family and not be able to see them for life. A factor, amongst many, that led to the civil rights’ movements of the abolition of vile acts like slave trade. Additionally, women in the novel, besides being generous, are a people who have a lot of influence the controversial issues pertaining to the family. For instance, when William Otter was on his journey to find his parents in Hull, he had

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