Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Philippines’ Economy Essay

Philippines, one of the countries around the world, rich in natural resources and smiles reaching out to one another. They say it’s more fun here because of our tropical shores and unique landscapes good for tourist fun and adventures. To the eyes of foreigners, the bandwagons made for them made us more attractive and a wanted country for vacations but do they really see the true us? Despite all the hardships in life we Filipinos still tend to work hard and think of the better days and this hope ignites our hearts which makes us rise from below. But no matter how hard we try there would always be people who would bring us down and degrade us because of our differences. The country itself is in poverty but I believe in the saying â€Å"Poverty is not a hindrance to Success!†. Poverty caused partly by both government and citizens not working with each other. Rich tends to be greedy and the poor just keeps getting lazier. The country is not actually as poor as you think, Philippines is booming with tourism and our economy is rising, which makes it easy to say that in the near future we may become one of the first world countries. Economy is rapidly growing and investors are coming in and the future action-takers who can make this place better are the youth. As a youth, I also want a change to my homeland. I want people to treat us with respect and equally. How can I do this? By believing in that dream. I see myself as a student studying for the betterment of myself and the country. I see a spark in me which may encourage myself to help in certain actions so I can start early. Once, way back in my province, Leyte. I helped in the Charity committee in charged of collecting canned goods for the needy. That experience was just a beginning and I know I can do more. What more do I have in mind? I want to create a cause in Art. I want to change how you see a dumpsite to become more pleasant to the eyes, or something like that. New York and European countries have already taken this action and why not take it here? The way Bonifacio Global City exhibits street arts changes how you see a place and I want to be a part of this movement. Our country is developing and time is moving fast. If we don’t believe we can be a part of something massive then we truly are a failure. Life is not about living but by living with a cause. A cause which may leave a mark before you die, knowing that you did your part. Philippines may still have a long-long way to go but like Gawad Kalinga who started the movement early, makes us sure that the development of this country is getting better. â€Å"I know I can do this and I will try my best to make it happen because I want our country to become a better place.†

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