Thursday, February 27, 2020

Critique paper Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critique paper - Article Example The article provides the reader with a response from the CEO of Disney to the member of congress, which was meant to ridicule him for not getting his facts straight (Mangu-Ward 1). This paper will criticize the article, and mention some of the crucial aspects the reader needs to note. The author provides sufficient evidence to support the issues raised by the member of congress. This is through direct quotes that are recorded in the article from the member of congress. The author’s thought processes are brought out through the interpretation she offers the reader. This assists in bringing the reader to one conclusion about what goes on in many of the corporations present, but ensuring the reader understands that Disney is not among them. This is done by the author through the evidence the Disney CEO provides about what goes on (Mangu-Ward 1). It is not clear if the author will gain anything through favouring either party. It is; therefore, fair to say that the author was not biased in any way. The overall message from the author is logical because, it brings out what happens in many multi-national corporations, and how they do it. It is through the evidence provided that one can see the application in the real world (Mangu-Ward 1). It is possible for this to happen in today’s society with the advancement in technology. Corporations are guilty of putting their profits above the people’s interests. As a reader, one has to agree with the suggestions put across in the article. Social sites are examples that may assist an individual comprehend the situation better. These sites ask for personal details, and act as a passage for this information. People on social networks need to be wary of the issues that may come up with providing such information. In conclusion, the issue of what happens to privacy once individuals decide to be part of the technological world should be given thought. This may ensure individuals are safe and enjoy

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