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An Article On The Middle East - 2928 Words

Nowadays whether you are reading an article on a news paper or you are watching the news on television you will notice that there is a common topic always covered: issues in the Middle East. This region has an ancient and fascinating history that dates back to archaic times. It has generally been considered a major centre of international trade and cultural development. However in recent times this region has been home to different conflicts that have divided the world to the point that Western countries are now weary and extremely cautious when engaging with this area. Nevertheless when the Middle East is analasyed in order to explain the current situation there is a lack of focus on the external factors that have shaped and developed the region to its modern form. In this essay I am going to give a concise description of the region’s demography and territory with the intent to define the limits of what is interpreted as Middle East. Successively I will provide a brief summary of the history and evolution of the area from the fall of the Roman Empire to the second half of the twentieth century, highlighting the fundamental events and factors that have signed the constitution of the region as we know it. I am then going to describe the main forms of government that have characterized the generation of the modern states that are part of the contemporary Middle East. Finally I will analyse and focus on the external forces and elements that have shaped and continue to shapeShow MoreRelatedSyrian Civil War Essay1453 Words   |  6 Pagesthe Middle East. The United States should not be involved in the Middle East for three reasons. The United States are risking the lives of soldiers and civilians in the Middle East. The United States can be targeted by terrorists from the Middle East. The United States does not have very strong relationships in the Middle East. Most conflicts in the Middle East have caused the United States to intervene. This puts many U.S. soldiers and Middle Eastern civilians in danger. In the Middle East thereRead MoreEssay on Persuation, Politics Propaganda1531 Words   |  7 Pagesparticipation in politics (Bucy, 2005). However, consumers remain vulnerable to media persuasion, politics, and propaganda. Objective News Article November 23, USA Today newspaper article discusses the Middle East Peace and the United States Presidents. The article began to discuss the six presidents in office and the attempts made to bring peace to the Middle East. Jimmy Carter (1977-1981) had one good attempt, the peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt in 1979; however, one bad attempt of the IranianRead MoreThe Middle East871 Words   |  4 Pagessecurity and threats on the global stage. The articles Unfinished Mideast Revolts, Living with a Nuclear Iran, and War in the Fifth Domain, were written and read to further shed light on these topics. These articles help to depict a better-rounded view of the threats in global studies. The discussion began with the article Unfinished Mideast Revolts, written by Jonathan Broader. This article discusses the evolution of the Middle East and how much of the Middle East is currently coming out of, and in someRead MoreThe Impact Of Global Education On The Middle East975 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the broad and varying research on global education in the Middle East, it is apparent that these two variables have a very important relationship that impacts many lives. Education plays a huge role in the dynamics of every country and has the ability to increase diverse perspectives and critical thinking skills, allowing societies to progress in many aspects. Analyzing and critiquing a broad array of scholarly articles has provided a solid foundation to help formulate a personal perspectiveRead MoreAnalysis Of The Article The Obama Doctrine 1340 Words   |  6 Pagesrecently published an article written by Jeffrey Goldberg titled â€Å"The Obama Doctrine†. In th is article Obama is clear that he has taken a stance of retrenchment when dealing with the constant problems in the Middle East. In the article Obama outlined two tactics that he has been actively using, throughout his presidency, to shift American resources and focus away from the Middle East. In this paper I will address how two policies have successfully pulled America away from the Middle East and how a key assumptionRead MoreIsis Research Paper1120 Words   |  5 PagesHas America Failed in the Middle East? Over 2,000 people have been killed by attacks carried out by ISIS. ISIS or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are an islamic extremist group located throughout the middle eastern region but have influence world wide. Their attacks have affected countries including the United States, France, and the United Kingdom. Their attacks have been occurring for years but the reached a major tipping point after they killed over 150 people in one night in Pairs. TheRead MoreEssay on Will There Be Peace in the Middle East1461 Words   |  6 Pagesin the Middle East? This question weighs heavy on the minds of many individuals and international players. Turmoil and conflict in the Middle East not only affects the people inhabiting this region, but also has global consequences. To answer this question, one must analyze the sources of conflict in the Middle East, historically, currently, and in the future. The limited amount of natural resources in this region has arguably served as the most m ajor source of conflict in the Middle East. OtherRead MoreThe Middle East Is Clearly Out Of Hand Essay1628 Words   |  7 PagesJeffrey A. Beery Professor Carlin Mackie English 102 9 November 2016 Introduction: The Middle East is clearly out of hand. Why is this region prone to so much bloodshed? All we need to do is refer back to our history books. In preparation for the Collapse of the Ottoman Empire and the end of WW1 the Sykes and Picot agreement was signed, which called for British and French influence in the region and the creation of states. This agreement was to benefit French and British interests and had very littleRead MoreWhat Is The Role Of Women In The Middle East840 Words   |  4 PagesReferences Cross, R. (2015, September 9). Womens Education in the Middle East. Retrieved from This article helped further my investigation because it provided me information on women in the Middle East and the type of education quality some of them receive, which is why it is also a comprehensive website for my topic. So, overall this website is relevant because it discusses useful information. It provides sufficient evidence with the referencesRead MoreThe Middle East On Social Media804 Words   |  4 Pagesgrown on one another. When one would talk about the middle east on social media the first thing that comes to mind is the war and countless bloodshed that spilled and the impact it had on many lives. All the stories distributed by social media display attacks and war in the middle east, portray all middle easterners to be muslim, and only tell the tale of terrorists to the public. Social media is only showing people, very little stories about Middle Easterners. One of those shameful stories is the

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